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Fiber Assemblies

  • Product Name: FE-01 Series Micro Endoscope

Product overview

The FE-01 micro endoscope can do observation simply by connecting to the eyepiece lens or do image acquisition through the CCD flange which connect to the ¼ inch HR(high resolution) CCD. The pull-plug design is applied to the junction that makes it transfer easier and faster between eyepiece lens and CCD.

Type FE-01SN FE-01SL FE-01HL
View Direction Euthyphoria
View Distance 0-∞
View Angle 60°
Head Surface Diameter
2mm 2.5x7mm 2mm
Bending Part Diameter 1.6mm 2x5.4mm -
Bending Angle:Vertical 360° 90° -
Bending Angle:Horizontal 360° 15° -
Effective Length 1000mm 300mm 300mm
Standard Products Length 1190mm 490mm 490mm
Operation Temperatures -40-150℃ -40-150℃ -40-150℃
Light Source N Y Y
Product Appearance