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Fiber Assemblies

  • Product Name: UV-curing optical fiber bundle

Product overview

UV-curing optical fiber bundle is used in fast curing of UV-curing resin or adhesive. It’s made by quartz fiber with excellent UV transmission performance.We can produce various branch structures such as 1-in-1-out/ 1-in-multiple-out/ multiple-in-1-out/ multiple-in-multiple-out, and various output form such as circle/square/line, and we also can provide all kinds of standard or non-standard end structures.
Advantage:wide transmission wave range, especially on 300nm-1100nm.

CA (mm) ¢3 ¢5 ¢8 ¢10
Min. Bending Radius (mm) 40 60 100 150
NA 0.22±0.02
Transmittance % ≥ 80%  (λ =365nm, L=1000mm)
Length customized