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Optical Waveplates

  • Product Name: Achromatic Waveplates

Product overview

Achromatic waveplates is similar to zero order waveplate sexcept that the two plates are made from different birefringent crystals. Since the dispersion of the birefringence of two materials is different. It is possible to specify the retardation values at a broad wavelength range. So, the retardation will be less sensitive to wavelength change. In other words, it can be used at a broad-band wavelength range.

Key Featurs:Epoxy cemented or Air Spaced available
Broad Bandwidth
Material: Crystal Quartz
Typical DimensionΦ(mm) : 10,15,25.4
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.2mm
Wavefront Distortion: <λ/4@632.8nm(for air spaced type)
Retardation Tolerance: λ/300
Parallelism: <10 arc second
Surface Quality: 20/10 scratch and dig
Clear Aperture: >90%central area
Standard Wave: Quarter-wave (λ/4),Half-wave (λ/2)
Wavelength Rang: 450-650nm
Note: Other special waveplates are also available upon requests
Note: Other sizes, retardations and wavelengths are also available upon requests.