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Optical Mirrors

  • Product Name: Pumping Beam and Basic Frequency Laser mirror

Product overview

Substrate Material:UV Grade Fused Silica or BK7 0r Nd:YAG laser crystal
Surface Figure:λ/10 typical at 633nm
Transmitted wavefront distortion:λ/10 typical at 633nm
Surface Quality: 20/l0 laser quality
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0mm-0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance:  ± 0.25mm
Wedge:≤5 minutes
Chamfer: 0.25mm at 45° typical
Concentricity: ≤0.05mm
Radius Tolerance: ±0.5%
Coating Technology:Electron Beam Evaporation,Dielectric Mulitlayers
Adhesion and Durability: Per MIL-C-675A. Insoluble in lab solvents
Clear Aperture:>85% Of dimension
Angle of Incidence: 0°
WavelengthRange: 248-2l00nm
Transmittance: >97%
Reflectance: >99.8%
Laser Induced Damage Threshold: 3 J/cm2, Ins pulse,at 1064nm typical
Substrate Diameter(mm): 10, 12.7, 15, 20, 25, 25.4, 30
Note: Other dimensions and specifications are available upon requests