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Optical Prisms

  • Product Name: 90 Degree Bending Prisms

Product overview

90 Degree right angle bending prisms utilize the inherent total internal reflec-
tion (TIR) at the hypotenuse to invert the image and achieve a 90°change
in direction. Antireflection coatings are applied to the two legs of a standard
right angle prism(RAP) to maximize the overall throughput and reduce back-
reflections off the interfaces to near zero. Because the internal reflection is
independent of wavelength. these prisms can also be used as high energy
900 reflectors for broadband applications where metal mirrors are too ab-
sorbing and dielectric mirrors do not reflect a wide enough bandwidth. The
Applications include UV beam routing. beam pick off, and variable delay
lines as well as broadband. high energy 90°reflectors. High energy AR and
BBAR coatings are applied to Legs. Scitlion also offer other dimensions
and wavelengths in prototype and production quantities.

Substrate Material:fused silica or BK7 glass
Surface Figure:    BK7:λ/4 at 633nm; Fused silica: λ/10 at 633nm
Dimensional Tolerance:+ 0.00mm, - 0.25mm
Angular Deviation:± 3 minutes
Chamfer:     0.35mm at 45° typical
Coating Technology:   Electron beam multilayer dielectric
Antireflection Coating:Single wavelength AR-R ≤0.25% Broadband AR-Ravg≤0.50%
Surface Quality:  BK7: 20-10 Laser Quality; Fused Silica: 10-5 Laser Quality
Adhesion and Durability:    Per MIL-C-675C. Insoluble in lab solvents.
Clear Aperture:    Exceeds central 85% of dimension
Damage Threshold:10 J/cm2,20ns, 20Hz; lMW/cm2, CW at 1064nm


90 Degree Bending Prisms Part No. By Material Dimension(mm)
BK7 Fused Silica
SLRP0101   A=C=5.0
SLRP0201   A=C=10.0
SLRP0301 SLRP1301 A=C=12.0
SLRP0401   A=C=15.0
SLRP0501   A=C=20.0
SLRP0601 SLRP1601 A=C=25.4