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Scintillation Crystals

  • Product Name: Ce:LaCl3
  • Ce dopant concentration:< 10% (mol%)
  • Size:Dia50 x 180mm

Product overview

Cerium doped Lanthanum Chloride ( LaCl3:Ce ) as a newly scintillation crystal with excellent properties, including very high light output, fast decay time and good energy resolution, can be sued in the application of Nuclear Medical Imaging (PET, SPECT), High-Energy Physics, γ-rays detecting, Security and environmental monitoring, Geological exploration and etc.

Advantages of LaCl3(Ce) crystals
Superior energy resolution
Fast scintillation decay
Excellent linearity response
Excellent stability with temperature
High count rate capabilities
Scitlion is able to offer
l   Ce dopant concentration: < 10% (mol%)
l   Size: Dia50 x 180mm
l   Fast delivery
l   OEM service

Standard sizes: dia50 x 50mm; dia50 x 25mm; dia30 x 30mm; dia25 x 25mm
Sealed materials: Aluminum alloys; Stainless steel; Titanium alloys
For the size is available upon your request

LaCl3:Ce Crystal Properties:


3.67 g/cm3

Melting Point


Thermal Expansion

11 x 10-6/°C along c-axis

Refractive Index


Emission Peak

350 nm

Decay Constant

28 ns

Light yield 

48 photons/keVγ

Light Output

80% ~ 95%

Energy Resolution

4.2% ~ 5.1%

Cleavage Plane