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Scum Glass

  • Product Name: Flux for Centrifugal Casting of Composite Roll

Product overview

Flux for centrifugal casting of composite roll is a kind of protective agent of metal oxidation. As an ideal protective material in foundry industry, it shows a certain temperature-viscosity curve, and has many good performance such as fast melting property, film forming property, sealing property and floating property.
To meet the need of centrifugal press casting of bimetal products, sodium borate (“NB” for short) type glass can be added into “O” or “L” type glass to adjust the temperature-viscosity curve.
Recently, many new products, such as “YK-107”type glass, “YY-1”type glass and “YY-2” type glass used in rolling industry, have been in the international level, and those products have already been exported to some other Asian counties and European countries.

Main Properties and Performance
Type Temperature-viscosity(Heating rate is 6℃/min) Suitable Casting Process
2/3(℃) 1/2(℃) 1/3(℃)
“O” 695±20 705±20 725±20 moderate or small rollers in horizontal centrifugal casting
“L” 1155±20 1160±20 1165±20 big rollers in vertical centrifugal casting
“NB”   695±20 715±20 for adjusting the viscosity of “O” type or “L” type floating slag
“YK-107” 755±25 755±25 755±25 moderate or small rollers in horizontal centrifugal casting
“YY-1” 665±25 695±25 745±25 big rollers in horizontal centrifugal casting
“YY-2” 1175±20 1180±20 1185±20 big rollers in vertical centrifugal casting(high speed centrifugal casting)