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The Optical Department of Scitlion Technology is a professional optical technical team focus on optical system design and optical processing, including cold processing, optical coating, optical R&D and testing. The technical team that consist of national experts and latest production and testing machine ensure us to provide the perfect optical solutions for our esteemed clients.
We have a strong technical team with many senior engineer in optical cold processing and a full set of production machines along with various of accurate optical testing instruments. The ISO9001:2008 certification guarantees our standard processing and managing systems. All kinds of high accurate windows, prisms, plano-concave lens, double concave lens, double convex lens, meniscus lens and doublet lens are available.

Flat Spherical Cylindrical Prism
Material Optical Glass,
Spherical Radius/mm / R1.5~∞ R1.5~∞ /
Dimension/mm Φ6~Φ280 Φ2~Φ180 10-150 /
Dia. Tolerance/mm ±0.01~0.20 ±0.01~0.20 ±0.01~0.20 ±0.01~0.20
Min.TC/mm 0.5 / / /
Scratch and Dig 20/10~80/50 20/10~80/50 20/10~80/50 20/10~80/50
Surface Accuracy λ/10~2λ λ/10~2λ λ/10~2λ λ/10~2λ
PV Value λ/20~λ/4 λ/20~λ/4 λ/20~λ/4 λ/20~λ/4
Parallelism 30″~5′ / / 5″~5′
Note: Material, Dimension, and Dharacter of Product Can be Customized.

Optical Design

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