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Optical Crystals

  • Product Name: BaF2
  • Maximum of Material Diameter:Φ180mm
  • Clear Aperture:85%
  • Surface Flatness:λ/4 @ 633nm
  • Surface Quality:20/10

Product overview

Barium fluoride crystal shows good optical transmittance over wide spectrum range, from 150nm to 12.5μm. It is used for windows, lenses and prisms, particularly for the application of ultraviolet transmittance. The highest quality of BaF2 has an application as the well know scintillation crystal.

Scitlion is able to offer
BaF2 IR Viewport Windows for Infrared Thermography at 8μm to 14μm
Various optics for IR & VUV application, using our BaF2 crystal materials
Good quality BaF2 scintillation crystal
Good quality BaF2 crystal blank materials
OEM service for good quality BaF2 crystals
Orientation:<100>、<110>、 <111>

Optical Properties

Transmission Range

150 nm to 14 μm


>94% at 350 nm to 10.8 μm

Refractive Index

1.4624 at 2.58 μm

1.3936 at 10.35 μm

Reflection Loss

6.8% at 2.58 μm (both surfaces)

5.3% at 10.35 μm (both surfaces)

Radiation Length

20.6 mm

Residual Radiation Peak

47 nm

Emission Peak

310 nm slow; 220 nm fast

Decay Constant

620 ns slow; 0.6 ns fast

Light Output

20% slow; 4% fast

Absorption Coefficient

3.2 x 10-4 cm-1 at 6 μm


-15.2 x 10-6 /℃

Physical Properties


4.89 g/cm3

Melting Point


Thermal Conductivity

11.72 Wm-1K-1 at 286K

Thermal Expansion

18.1 x 10-6 /℃ at 273K

Knoop Hardness

82 with 500g indenter (kg/mm2)

Specific Heat Capacity


Dielectric Constant

7.33 at 1MHz

Youngs Modulus (E)

53.07 GPa

Shear Modulus (G)

25.4 GPa

Bulk Modulus (K)

56.4 GPa

Elastic Coefficient

Elastic CoefficientElastic Coefficient

Apparent Elastic Limit

26.9 MPa (3900 psi)

Poisson Ratio


Chemical Properties


0.0017 g/ 100g water at 23℃

Molecular Weight



Cubic Crystal

Cleavage Plane