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Optical Crystals

  • Product Name: LiF
  • Maximum of Material Diameter:Φ170mm
  • Clear Aperture:85%
  • Surface Flatness:λ/4 at 633nm
  • Surface Quality:20/10

Product overview

Lithium Fluoride crystal is used as window, lens for the 105nm to 6μm. And also can be used as the optical element in X-ray diffraction devices.

Scitlion is able to offer
Various optics for IR & VUV application, using our LiF crystal materials
Optical element for X-ray diffraction devices
Good quality LiF crystal blank materials
OEM service for good quality LiF crystals
Orientation:<100>、<110>、 <111>

LiF Crystal Properties:

Optical Properties

Transmission Range

105 nm to 6 μm


>90% at 300 nm to 4.5 μm

Refractive Index

1.3733at 2.5 μm; 

1.6240 at 121 nm

Reflection Loss

4.4% at 4 μm (both surfaces)

Physical Properties


2.64 g/cm3

Melting Point


Thermal Conductivity

11.3 Wm-1K-1 at 314K

Thermal Expansion

37 x 10-6 /℃

Mohs Hardness

113 with 600g indenter (kg/mm2)

Specific Heat Capacity

1562 J/(kg.k)

Dielectric Constant

9.0 at 100 Hz

Youngs Modulus (E)

64.79 GPa

Shear Modulus (G)

55.14 GPa

Bulk Modulus (K)

62.03 GPa

Rupture Modulus

10.8 MPa

Elastic Coefficient

C11=112; C12=45.6; C44=63.2

Chemical Properties


0.27 g/ 100g water at 18℃

Molecular Weight



Cubic Crystal

Cleavage Plane