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Optical Prisms

  • Product Name: Dove Prisms

Product overview

Named for its inventor Harting Dove, dove prisms (with antireflection coatings on
the ends) completely invert an image by 180 degrees. If the prism is rotated about
its axis the image will rotate at twice the rate of rotation of the prism. Dove prisms
provide a convenient and precise method of rotating a beam. The long length
and square profile makes them easy to mount in a cylindrical sleeve.
Dove prisms need to be used with collimated or near-collimated beams because
of the very limited field of view. When used as an image inverting prism the hy-
potenuse face acts as a TIR surface and is therefore normally not coated.
Therefore. it is important to keep this surface clean.
Scitlion also offers DP dove prisms AR coated on the hypotenuse for use in
beam-folding applications. As the Sl and S2 sides are used in a total internal reflec-
tion (TIR) manner it is extremely important to keep these two surfaces clean.

Substrate Material   UV grade fused silica or BK7 glass
Surface Figure  λ/4 at 633nm before coating
Dimensional Tolerance    + 0.00mm, - 0.25mm
Angular Deviation   ± 3 minutes
Chamfer    0.35mm at 45° typical
Coating Technology:  Electron beam multilayer dielectric
Antireflection CoatingSingle wavelength AR-R ≤0.25% Broadband AR-Ravg≤0.50%
Surface Quality       20-10 Laser Quality on S1,S2,and bottom. Commercial polish on remaining sides.
Clear Aperture        Exceeds central 85% of dimension

Dove Prisms No. A(mm) B(mm) H(mm)
SDVP0101 21.1 5.0 5.0
SDVP0201 42.3 10.0 10.0
SDVP0301 63.4 15.0 15.0
SDVP0401 80 20.0 20.0